Enter ShopLive, the first social network that empowers small retail businesses.

The world has changed and so has the way people shop. 
We want to help shops and brands connect with customers in a fun, innovative and appealing way.  
ShopLive is a social platform where your products, services and promotions can be visible by
everyone, both in the real world and the virtual one.
Just be creative.
Through ShopLive you can publish live directs or videos
You can easily build up an online pop-up experience, showcasing your latest products or inviting
customers to discover new promotions.
The more creative you are, the more customers you’ll attract.

Get the visibility you need.
Nearby customers will be able to find you through a highly-functional map. By sharing their current
position and searching through millions 
of keywords, they can easily find you and check your latest products. 

Be part of it. 
Help us support the retail sector and join the fun world of online pop-up experiences!
We’re about to release the ShopLive official app, but you can already create your store profile 
and start exploring the ShopLive world.
We created a free weekly newsletter that comes with beautiful tips and printables. This
material is meant for you to create your store profile and start sharing high quality content 
on social media. Don't miss it!

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