ShopLive is the largest network of local stores. Being at ShopLive will make you visible in front of all users looking for your products nearby. By creating your store at ShopLive you will get a pin in ShopLive map and your store profile will appear in the maps of all people nearby and all searches of your products.

Click "I want to join" from the home and register your store at shoplive. Once you have created your profile, you can start creating your store by filling up all data that the form will ask you. It is a super easy process! If you don't have all information, you can skip the form and fill it up later from your profile.

You just have to go to your store profile, click edit in the section you want to change and put the new information, save it and update your store at ShopLive.

Creating a store at ShopLive is FREE.


ShopLive is the largest network of local stores near you. You can discover and find any product closest to you in the most entertaining and interactive way and at the best price. The map locates all the stores and its searching option allows you to look for what you love. The Store Profile will show you a video-tour of the shop, making you feel like you are there, and all information is provided to make you love the store. In each Store Profile, you'll find their active promotions if they have any, the scheduled Livestream Shows, and the livestreams happening so you can assist. Discovering new shops and promos thanks to the interactive content stores upload it's the most entertaining and funniest way of searching online.

Stores create promotions in video format. You can know everything about their promo by watching the video or assisting to their Live Stream show if they have created one. The promo can be a special discount through a promo code applicable to their website, a coupon to exchange in the physical store, an exclusive product, or whatever the store decides to offer to you.

You can find the store from the Discover view or the Map view by typing its name in the search. Also, on the map, you can navigate and find it by location.

You can find a product from the Discover view or the Map view by typing its name in the search. All the stores that have this product in their offer will appear so you can discover and select.

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